Beekeeping Symposium Slides

Thank you to all the people who came to the 22nd Annual Alabama Cooperative Extension System Beekeeping Symposium, held at the Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center.  We had a total of 709 registrants!  Of that number 150 signed up for the Beginning Beekeeping classes. Our first Symposium, 22 years ago, had only a couple dozen total attendees.

A special thanks to Dr. Jim Tew, who drove down from Ohio to speak, and then must drive to Atlanta and fly to the New Jersey Beekeepers’ Association meeting.  His wife Vallie will continue the drive home by herself. What a trooper she is!!!  I am also grateful to the people who attended my classes and provided such terrific participation.  It is always energizing to see the level of interest, and its continued growth.

For those who want the class slides, you can download them by clicking on the links below. All material is copyright protected, so please do not use them for your own presentations. You are welcome to share them with other beekeepers, though, for their own personal use.  I have included the text of the Alabama Agritourism statute, which contains important signage you can use to help protect yourself from lawsuits over bee stings.

Life Cycle of the Honey Bee

Common Problems Affecting Honey Bees

Alabama Law on Honeybees and Apiaries

Alabama Agritourism Protection Statute