Thirty-one years ago, I was the Senior Vice President of Century 21 Securities Corporation. One Sunday afternoon I was preparing to leave for the airport, with first class tickets to Anchorage, Alaska for in the breast pocket of my suit coat.  I was headed up there to train people for their securities exams. Dick Laughlin, President of Century 21 International, called as I was headed out the door.  “Cancel your trip to Alaska and get to Houston right away!” he said.  “You’ve been promoted to Regional Director of Texas.  It’s a mess out there. We need you right away.”

I’ve been trying to get to Alaska ever since. We finally made time, and the trip was incredible.  Highlights included the vibrant arts community in Anchorage, the domed car train trip from Anchorage to Denali and Fairbanks, the flight back to Anchorage, tours with magnificent views, float planes everywhere, and phenomenal food.  I don’t know how they trained that grizzly bear to stand between the t-shirts.


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